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April 2007 marks the ninetieth anniversary of the United States’ entry into the Great War, an event which not only had profound immediate impact on the state, nation, and world, but sowed seeds of social, political and economic influence that still resonate today.

"Forward Together: South Carolina in World War I," is a multiple-venue project, developed by a consortium of historical and educational institutions, that focuses on the participation of South Carolina during World War I and its effects on the state. Through exhibitions, public lectures, and the development of curricula, this project gives the community a better understanding of the twentieth century’s economic, political, and social issues that are embedded in the legacy of the Great War and continue to reverberate throughout regional, national, and international communities.

This project website is designed to provide access to each institution's exhibit. It also features extensive photo galleries, educational resources, links, event listings, and contacts. Use this website to discover the importance of World War I in South Carolina's history.

"" The Great Adventure "" A Call for All ""
South Caroliniana Library McKissick Museum
"" "A Wonderful War in Every Way" "" Seeds of Change ""
Historic Columbia Foundation SC State Museum
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SC Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum
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